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Algarve Aiport


Algarve/Faro Aiport

How long is the flight from London to Algarve?

The London to Algarve flight duration is 2 hours 50 mins.

A number of direct flights are available from London (in the summer season, about 10 daily flights), with British Airways, Monarch and EasyJet offering direct nonstop flight. 

You can also fly via Lisbon. In this case, the Portuguese carrier Tap Portugal would be your natural choice.

International Faro Airport (Aeroporto Internacional de Faro, FAO)   


Address: 4 km west of the city of Faro
Telephone: + (351 289) 800 800

This is the second busiest airport in Portugal. You will find all the necessities at the terminal: cafes, shops, car rentals, Wi-Fi and about everything you need.  You can find the map of the airport here.   

How to get to/from Faro from/to the aiport


City buses 16, 17, 19 will take you from the airport to the city of Faro.     You can also board them if your destination is the railway terminal.     Buses operate from early morning till late night. Ask the driver for the ticket. Bus fare is about 2 € and is a factor of your destination.   

You can find bus routes and destinations here,   as well as here.


This is the best option to get to Faro, but it doesn't come cheap.     Go to the taxi stand.

Popular destinations and cost.   


Faro Airport – Albufeira
45 €

Faro Airport – Lagos
96 €

Faro Airport – Portimao
77 €

Faro Airport – Sagres
120 €

Faro Airport – Tavira
46 €

Faro Airport – Villamoura
32 €


Auto Faro​

Táxis Pinheiro & Delmira Lda​​​​


Airport Transfers

You can take a taxi, or you can use Faro Airport Shuttle. These buses will take you from the Algarve airport to anywhere in Faro. They will meet you at the aiport with a card bearing your name.      You can pay online or give cash to the diriver. No additional fees for late flights.    

Popular Destinations: Travel time and Cost


Faro Airport – Albufeira
35 mins, 7,50 €

Faro Airport – Lagos
1 hour 10 mins, 12 €

Faro Airport – Portimao
55 mins, 11 €

Faro Airport – Sagres
1 hour 30 mins, 25 €

Faro Airport – Tavira
35 mins, 8,50 €

Faro Airport – VIlamoura
30 mins, 7 €


You can order transfer at


Faro aiport on the map




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