(A piece of heaven in Portugal)


Albufeira is a seaside town in the Algarve region on the South coast of Portugal. It is one of the largest and most popular resorts in the country. Beautiful natural scenery, sand beaches and slender orange alleys create an unforgettable atmosphere. The historical part of Albufeira is a testament to the delights of medieval Arab architecture. A number of mosques and the so-called Moorish Arch are just two examples of masterpieces of Arab art in Portugal. Three hundred thousand tourists from all over the world come to Albufeira each year.

Albufeira Beaches

Just like everywhere else in the Algarve, Albufeira beaches are of course the main attraction here. There are about twenty beaches in Albufeira, and most of them have been awarded the prestigious blue flag designation. Boat trips, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and scuba diving – all water sports are at your disposal in Albufeira.

Praia do Peneco

Albufeira Attractions                    

Be sure to visit the ancient Church of St. Anna (18th century), the Albufeira Archaeological Museum, the Art gallery and the Museum of Church Art.

Albufeira Day Trips

The picturesque village of Paderme famous for its Castelo de Paderne castle, built in the 12th century, is your number one destination for a day trip in Albufeira. 

Castelo do Paderne

Diving enthusiasts should visit the nearby town of Grutas do Xorino to see the breathtaking underwater caves.

Albufeira Restaurants

Traditional local cuisine is all about fish and seafood.

Fuji is probably the most versatile restaurant in Albufeira. At Fuji you can enjoy Japanese cuisine or find something to your liking on the vegetarian menu, satisfy your children’s cravings with kids menu, pick an excellent Portuguese wine (local wine from the Algarve region if you’d like) from an extensive wine list, and complete you dinner with a amazing selection of desserts. Casa da Fonte in a medieval setting is one of the most romantic one-of-a-kind restaurants. It serves traditional national dishes. Fans of Thai and Indian food might want to try the Monsoon Restaurant. If you’re in the mood for Australian cuisine, you are in luck too. The Koala Garden serves exotic Australian specialties: the crocodile steak; their variety of seafood and tropical fruits are excellent choice too. Next to the restaurant is a beautiful garden and a large dance floor, so it is always crowded in the evenings

Albufeira Nightlife

Tourists come to Albufeira for the stunning beaches, yet they will not be bored at night. At night head to the district of São João. All through the night, you will find things to do there. Some of the most famous clubs and bars are the Zoo, Pacha, La Bamba, Cafe del Mar, the Erin's Isle, Garage, Matt's Bar, Reno's, Wild & Co, Sultan bar, BJ's, Cuica and Kiss.

Albufeira Climate

The Albufeira climate is mostly a product of the warm Gulf Stream. The average summer temperature is +28° C, and at least +15° C in winter.





Albufeira Airport

The nearest airport is Faro Airport.

Albufeira Faro Airport

This is the second busiest airport in Portugal. You will find all the necessities at the terminal: cafes, shops, car rentals, Wi-Fi and about everything you need.