(A piece of heaven in Portugal)

Albufeira Beaches

Albufeira beaches are true gems of the Algarve region of Portugal and both residents and tourists alike appreciate their quality and diversity. There are many, many beaches in Albufeira, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. In the city itself there are three sandy beaches - Praia do Peneco, Praia dos Pescadores and Praia do Inatel.

Praia do Peneco

The most popular beach in Albufeira is Praia do Peneco. It is located in the historic area of the city, and is also known as "the tunnel" because of the fact that you can only get to the beach by going through a tunnel between the rocks. This is a great beach with a developed infrastructure and excellent sand.

Praia dos Pescadores 

Praia dos Pescadores (or "Fisherman's Beach") is nearby. Here, in addition to all that you need for a good beach holiday, you will find a huge number of fishing boats and ships. You can take a tour of the city coast on one of those boats.


The third city beach - Inatel – is located in a small cove between the rocks and the complex of the same name. It is perfect for those who appreciate the beach holiday without crowds.

If you rent a car, you open yourself up to the possibility of exploring many wonderful beaches in the immediate vicinity of the city.

San Rafael

One of these beaches is a rocky beach called San Rafael. Over the centuries, wind and waves molded rocks into fantastic shapes, and their crevices formed small ponds – the landscape is amazing and worth spending a whole day here.

Praia do Evaristo

Another popular beach just outside Albufeira is Praia do Evaristo. This beach is a magnet for diving enthusiasts because it gives them a great opportunity to observe the marine life off the coast.