(A piece of heaven in Portugal)

Algarve Beaches

Algarve is of course world famous for its coastline and hundreds of world class beaches.

In 2007, the Michelin Guide named Praia da Marinha one of the hundred best beaches in the world. An award more than deserved for this little piece of paradise, protected from the outside world by high limestone cliffs of warm tones that can keep all its charm in one of the busiest areas of the Portuguese coast.

Access is by a long staircase, lined with lush vegetation. Apart from the scenic beauty, the beach is also famous for the quality and transparency of its waters, allowing you to observe, with unique visibility, all of the region's biodiversity: anemones, urchins, starfish, sea, shrimp, seahorses and shoals of bream and safias, wrasses or fish-king, octopus and cuttlefish. A paradise for snorkeling with over 50 species of fish and close to three dozen invertebrates.

The beaches of the Algarve, stretching for a hundred fifty kilometers, are surprisingly diverse. The most lively places with good infrastructure and convenient for swimming are located between the cities of Lagos and Albufeira. This is the trademark postcard view of Portugal - yellow rocks, giant pyramids in the ocean. A unique ecosystem is found in Faro, the capital of the Algarve region, where the lagoon and islands stretch 60 kilometers. The coast of the ancient city of Tavira is a solid strip of sand, and in search of secluded beaches you need to the city of Sagres - although not the best place for casual swimming, it is a paradise for surfers and adventurous souls.