(A piece of heaven in Portugal)


Vilamoura (Algarve) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Portugal and one of the largest luxury resorts in Europe. It is located in the famous district of the Algarve on the Atlantic coast.

The resort was originally planned as a vacation spot for affluent people and was built relatively recently. That is why it has no ancient narrow streets lined with dilapidated houses or temples with a rich history.

Despite the young age of the town of Vilamoura, ther are a few famous landmarks to be seen. One of them is the ruins of the ancient Roman baths, where you can see the extant remains of a beautiful mosaic. In addition, there is a historical museum located in Gray da Vila.

In Vilamoura you can enjoy a truly great vacation - there are a lot of great hotels, SPA-centers, beauty salons, restaurants, casinos, golf courses and tennis courts. Also, here is Europe's largest yacht club.

Vilamoura is famous for its particularly wonderful clean beaches with white sand. They are equipped with everything you need - showers, lounge chairs, cabanas, rescue stations. There is a possibility to rent sports equipment, water skiing, motorcycle or boat.

The three largest local beaches - Marina, Falesia and Vilamoura – received numerous international awards for the purity of water.

On the outskirts of town, there is another beautiful beach - Quinta do Lago. By itself, this beach is not much different from the others, but cross the bridge and you will encounter stunning views over the nature reserve located near the Ria Formosa with its white salt lakes and lots of wild birds.

As for the cuisine, the local restaurants offer delicious dishes of European countries, but it is advisable to try some traditional national dishes of the famous fishing villages of the southern Portuguese coast

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