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Algarve Weather in July

Algarve weather in July: It's all sun with the temperatures climbing into the lower 30s. It's hot, but it's an enjoyable heat - the gentle sea breeze from the Atlantic softens the heat and the high temperatures do not bring any discomfort. July 2015 forecast to be very similar to June 2014, with details on that year provided below. The highest daytime temperature in July 2014 was 33 °C. The minimum night temperature was 17 °C. Day and night temperature avergages for July is 28.9 °C and 19.7 °C respectively.

Algarve Weather: July

Average Day Temperature: 28.3°C
Average Night Temperature: 19.9°C
Sea Temperature: 20.6°C
Number of Sunny days: 30 days
Daylight duration: 14.1 - 14.7 hours
Number of rainy days: 0 days
Precipitation: 1.1 mm

Air Temperature in Algarve in July

The highest daily temperature in May 2014 was 27 ° C. While the minimum night temperature dropped to 13 ° C. Averages day and night temperatures in May up 23.8 ° C and 15.8 ° C respectively.

Water Temperature in Algarve in July

Average water temperature in the Algarve in July 2014 was 20.6 °C. The minimum and maximum sea temperature reached 18.8 °C and 22.1 °C respectively.

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